Natural Deterrents for Raccoons

Raccoons look adorable and they might arouse your inner zoophilist from sleep however they do represent a risk. Raccoons are incredible climbers, swimmers, jumpers, and sprinters. Their five-toed paws make them apt, and their dexterity allows them to beat each human invention used to deter them. if they aren't breaking into your nursery at the moment, they might be thinking to use your chimney as a sanctum. People should be especially careful while coming in contact with them or their secretions  since they are the primary carriers  of rabies, roundworms, and leptospirosis, as indicated by The Human Society 

Out of the 91 percent reported cases of rabies by Wildlife in 2017, 28.6 percent of the reported cases were caused by Raccoons.

So it is critical to get rid of Raccoons whenever you find them in your garden. Read on the article to find evidence-based Natural raccoon deterrents we've collected for you. 

1. "Taste" Raccoon Repellent Sprays 

Raccoons despise hot flavors. Taste repellents use sharp and hostile flavors, for example, cayenne pepper, to dissuade a raccoon's interest. One naturally made "taste" raccoon repellent formula uses 1 gallon of hot pepper sauce or 1-gallon cayenne pepper powder and blends it in with a gallon of water and a teaspoon of dishwashing fluid. The cleanser gives a sticky texture to the mixture which helps to stay for a longer period. You can spray the mixture on the whole area you want to pest-proof. 

2. Epsom Salts 

Raccoons detest Epsom Salt. To deter raccoons utilizing this technique, sprinkle Epsom salt around and inside your vegetable garden. The critters will evade your garden right away and in all probability won't return. You should reapply every time it rains or every 15th day with no rain. 

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very successful technique as far as raccoon elimination is concerned. Raccoons detest the smell of apple cider vinegar (thus do a few people!). Soak a piece of fabric into apple juice vinegar and place it in a container close to the cave. The smell will deflect them!

4. Motion-activated anti-agents

While somewhat confused to set up, motion-activated sprinklers and lights can help keep raccoons out of your yard. Just as other scare strategies, these critters may become used to your arrangement or even come up with ways to work around it.  Motion-activated repellents are all-normal since they only use water to frighten away raccoons. But like everything, they have some shortcomings too like they can be costly. 

There are also solar repellents that are simply compelling. A plus point of these solar repellents is that they are constrained to a specific area. So they are best for your garden area. 

5. Coyote Urine 

Predator urine is by-far, one of the most widely in-practice techniques to get rid of rodents.  Predator urine is normal, safe to use and humane. Coyote urine works as an effective raccoon-repellent. A coyote is one of the raccoon's greatest predators making their pee a useful repellant against them. The concept behind using predator urine as a rodent deterrent is that a predator marks its territory with its pee and rodents, on catching the smell of their urine tend to stay away


if you want to get rid of raccoons without getting your hands grimy, the best option is to bring in a professional. A professional will know how to sympathetically trap the raccoon and release them a long way from your property.

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